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Electric Press is an online magazine for readers who love indie and small press authors.
Wanted for the AUGUST edition, articles relating to writing, books, publishing and all things associated; written for/directed toward the ‘reader’ & NOT other authors.
Suggestions for content include:
  • ‘A day in the life of ‘….’?
  • Author interviews.
  • Author Profiles.
  • Illustrator/cover designer interviews.
  • Some words on Editing/Formatting.
  • Poetry.
  • Short Stories.
  • Book reviews.
  • Life Stories.
  • Blog Posts.
  • Publishing Insights.
  • Market trends/movements
  • Effects of Coronavirus on indie authors.
  • Reports.
  • Upcoming/Cancelled Events/Shows.
  • Forthcoming Online Events/Broadcasts.
  • Competitions/Challenges

Contributions and Submissions are welcome from Indie authors, Small Press authors & Publishers, Author & publishing support services, Illustrators, Photographers, Artists & Cover designers, Book related websites/blogs, Book Reviewers.

Electric Press is a QUARTERLY periodical. Therefore, when contributing consider this edition covers August, September & October 2020 inclusive.
DEADLINE. Midnight BST, 10th of July 2020.
Please note, all accepted submissions will receive a promotional opportunity for the marketing of the contributor’s book/artwork/service etc. including images, short bio & purchasing links. (if required.)
Contributions & Submissions, email, TheElectricpress@mail.com
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Are you an aspiring writer or an indie author looking for a publishing contract? If so, the Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize 2020 is ‘right up your street’.

Simply write a 20K to 30K word story, in any genre and about anything you want, and enter the Novella Fiction Prize.

Entry is just £10.00 GBP, (via official entry form) and the winning authors will have their manuscripts published as Novellas.

The top prize is a full paperback publishing package.  Second and third places having their work published as eBooks.

There are also associated prizes, such as cover designs, marketing packages and author assist support.

The Electric Eclectic Novella Fiction Prize 2020 is an international literary competition for emerging writers and indie authors.

Submissions are encouraged from all literary fictional genres with no restrictions on theme or subject.

The emphasis of the judging will be on ambitious, imaginative and innovative approaches which explore and expand creative writing.

Details of ‘How to Enter’ are on the Electric Eclectic website http://bit.ly/NovFicPrize

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You can be part of Electric Press.

You do not need to be a writer or author to contribute to Electric Press.

We are continuously looking for great content to share. Tell us what you most like or don’t like, about buying books online, or what snack you choose when reading. Let us know how authors can improve their storytelling and what you find repetitive in a genre. What makes/made you lose interest in an author’s series?

In fact, if it is anything to do with books, poetry, authors or any form of literature related matter, we would love to read it.

Authors, writers & bloggers, you too can write articles for Electric Press and promote your books and blogs. Details of what we need and how we like it presented are on the ‘Contributions & Submissions’ page. (See the menu on top bar.)

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